Useful Links

Other Thatching organisations

  • National Council of Master Thatchers Associations:
    Contains links to county master thatcher associations.


Conservation bodies

  • Cadw:
  • English Heritage:
  • Historic Scotland:
  • The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (S.P.A.B.):
    The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) runs a technical advice line and can answer questions regarding the maintenance and repair of listed buildings as well as advising on suitable thatchers, building professionals, insurers and mortgage companies who understand the needs of thatched buildings.

Related organisations

  • The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products:
  • Association of British Insurers:
  • Listed Property Owners Club:
    Providing information and advice for owners of listed properties:
  • Period Property U.K.:
  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors:
    The RICS runs its own Building Conservation Accreditation Scheme. Individuals RICS members who demonstrate their competency in building conservation can be accredited and registered.

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